Event withdrawal policy and notes extension

With our 2012 event closing in, the Ojibwe Rally Committee wants to be able to allow as many competitors as we are able to both to compete and to compete with notes.  To do this we have two announcements.

The first is a withdrawal policy.  In order to both encourage our teams to make their final plans and to allow those on the wait list to be able to compete, we have a new policy.  For any team paid at the $450 rate that needs to withdraw from this years rally we will allow a no penalty withdrawal, except for any credit card processing fees, before 5pm Friday, August 17th.  Any teams wishing to withdraw after the 17th will be subject to a $200 penalty.

Our second announcement is in regards to the notes offered this year.  Our deadline for notes payment will be extended to Sunday the 19th at 5pm.  We are doing this to allow any remaining teams to be able to purchase notes. Please visit our competitor page as soon as possible to pay for your notes so we are able to print the correct number of books.

Thank you for your interest and excitement in this event.  We can’t wait to see you all again next week.