Spectator Maps

Watch the Action Up Close

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience at the Ojibwe Forests Rally in 2023, offering an abundance of spectator areas to get up close to all the thrilling action.

Thursday Evening:

  • Soo Pass Ranch


  • SS1 Thorpe Tower (1 Viewing Area)
  • SS3 Kabekona (2 Viewing Areas)


  • SS9 Kanten Trail (1 Viewing Area)
  • SS12, SS16, SS17 Otterkill (1 Viewing Area)

Stay tuned for more detailed information and maps of these exciting spectator areas, which will be made available next week. Join us and witness the excitement as you cheer on both the seasoned and up-and-coming stars of ARA racing on the scenic roads of northern Minnesota!

Spectating FAQs

How will I know where to go?

Spectator areas are marked with signs at corresponding intersections.

How many cars will I see?

Depending on the entry list, you could see over 60 cars! We will have more updated numbers when we get closer to the event.

What does it cost to spectate?

The Forest Stages are free to spectate. Please stay in designated and published spectator locations. These are organized for the safety of all involved.

Follow our social media and this webpage for more details.

Is it safe to spectate?

Yes, if you follow the rules. We do have a few tips for you though. Please DO NOT venture off into the forest on your own. If you find your way into an unsafe place, we will be required to stop the rally. Potentially unsafe areas will be marked with signs stating, “No Spectators Beyond This Point” and/or colored banner tape.  DO NOT CROSS THE TAPE.   A nearby marshal will have maps and instructions to direct you to a safe viewing location.