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The Ojibwe Forests Rally wouldn’t exist without the help of our volunteers who help make events run smoothly and safely. Closing down public roads and orchestrating a competition involving dozens of cars and crews is no easy task. However, being a volunteer is the ultimate experience for a rally fan. You’ll be a part of the rally and meet all the drivers and crews. Best of all, the volunteers get as close to the action as the drivers do!

NEW! 2022 – Soo Pass Ranch!

This year’s final stages will be at the Soo Pass Ranch south of Detroit Lakes, MN. We need YOU to help us with ticketing, moving barricades, spectator control, and more! Be a part of the action!

Cooper Stream Team

Get some of the best views of the race by being a part of our stream team! You will be strategically and safely placed to capture sweet jumps, turns, and more to be shared with the world through our LIVE streaming.

Course marshals

See the cars up close and at racing speeds by helping time the cars in and out of checkpoints, guarding access to closed forest roads, and assisting with spectator stages. For the beginning volunteer, this is a great introduction!

Amateur radio operators

Get in on the race communications by transmitting vital information during the progress of the race to the control operator. Previous race experience is not necessary; just a willingness to help keep volunteers and competitors up-to-date.  Amateur radio license needed.

Control workers

Ensure that the times for completion of each stage are accurate. Championships have been won and lost on one tenth of a second. Mathematical ability is not required, just a steady hand on the watch.

Medical personnel

Although there have been few serious accidents at the events, we plan for emergencies with qualified rescue crews. Doctors, nurses, EMT’s and First Responders are needed for the safety crews. You can work medical and another specialty too.

Course set up/take down

All the forest roads seen in competition need to be carefully inspected the morning of the event. You can actually drive the rally stages as you put up and take down banner tape that warns the general public the event is taking place.

If you have further questions, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Check back for more detailed volunteer worker opportunities as the rally date approaches.